Date #55 ✅

A, 34, English

A and I connected on 11 July 2016. He came across my profile on Wild, another dating app, which I was simply using to tell people about my blog. Trust me, it’s not good for anything else. It’s fuckboy central, with bells on. I received an email via my blog contact page, as follows:

Oh my god. That is the most amazing blog I’ve ever read. Seriously. Not only did I just download and like your picture on Wild, but somehow your (well written) biography drew me to this site.

Yes, I admit, I thought it was advertising at first, but the way you write, articulate and describe is one of the horniest things I’ve ever seen.

Anyway. Hi. You’re cute. We should fuck.

How’s that for an opening line?! Ha!

Whatsapp me – (number given)

I went onto the Wild app to see if I could work out who he was and it was relatively easy. Surprisingly, he was fairly attractive and he looked nice. I might have matched with him anyway. I didn’t text him on WhatsApp, but messaged him on there instead. He then replied via the blog again because otherwise he would have had to pay to message me back on Wild. It should be called the crap app. I replied to his email “I don’t tend to give my number out straight away, at least not without knowing a person to some degree. If I do text you, I want some reassurance that you’re not going to be a pest.” The email was undelivered, so I then reverted to WhatsApp “Please don’t be a psycho or do anything that’s going to result in me blocking you. I could do without the additional admin! I just tried to email you back, but delivery failed.” The lines of communication were open. We chatted a lot and he was extremely complimentary about the blog and my talents – always a good way to get me on side 😉 #massagemyego.

Our mutual love of sex was very apparent from the start. We seemed to be on the same page and at that time I was still very horny. I really enjoyed talking to him, but he’s a very intelligent guy and sometimes he was just a couple of steps ahead of me. I really wanted to meet him. He’d read a great deal of my blog and seemed to have a photographic memory, as he would recite it back to me. He shared his sexual experiences with me and seemed very experienced in the bedroom.

The only trouble was, our working schedules were complete opposites so over the following weeks I got the distinct impression that we’d become virtual buddies and that we were likely to never meet. Out of all the guys I’ve ever connected with, he was one of the “favourites” in terms of my enthusiasm to meet him. I felt such a strong connection. If we had connected early on in my journey, I probably would have got very frustrated that we hadn’t met sooner and cut him off, but by this point I had enough available dick to keep me occupied. I’d developed quite a queue of people to meet with limited time on my hands, so I didn’t put any pressure on him and he didn’t put any pressure on me.

It wasn’t until Wednesday 17 August 2016 that we would finally meet. He was free early in the evening and suggested coming over. It was all very last minute and by this point my sex drive was in the toilet. It felt a bit pressured, but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to meet him, finally. I also knew that if we had sex I was unlikely to climax. Nevertheless, he came over and I got ready in about 30 minutes. Ahhhhhhh! I still had wet hair when he arrived. I was not in the best condition. But, aww, it was nice to meet him, at last. The first thing he did when we came face-to-face was divert his eyes straight to my breasts, which I remarked upon of course.

My flatmate had moved out a couple of weeks before and I was now renting the spare room out on a casual basis. It was a bit awkward for A to come round because of that, but my guest said he was going out for dinner after work and A couldn’t stay any later than 19:30, so I thought they’d miss each other. Things between A and I developed fairly quickly, as suspected. We went straight to my room and got sexy, but I forewarned him that I was unlikely to come. He already knew how I was feeling, somewhat. This was a combination of stress, exhaustion and the hot weather I believe. I had a real mental block. But, I still wanted to do it, otherwise I wouldn’t have done it, and given that things had gone well with S a few days before I was hopeful.

He wasn’t a great kisser, unfortunately, so that didn’t help in terms of getting me in the mood. I also wasn’t particularly attracted to him in real life – he was quite stiff in his body language. However, I liked his personality and he had a nice dick, but I knew that already 😉 Sometimes dick pics are helpful in terms of knowing what you’re going to get. I’ve rejected a few guys on the basis of their unappealing dicks.  That, however, is not an invitation to receive them from random people. Naked pictures don’t do anything for me sexually. My imagination is more vivid than any picture could ever be and sex is about a lot more than just a penis and a vagina, or any body part for that matter. Body parts are just biology. It’s what you do with them that matters. A connection of minds has also always been the key, which is why I don’t want meaningless sex. Trust is incredibly important in terms of who I let inside me.

If I was more in the mood for sex and I didn’t have the fear, however remote, that my guest would come back while we were at it, I possibly would have enjoyed it more. Plus, it had been a very quick decision that day, so I hadn’t had the opportunity to build up any excitement, imagining what might happen. Nevertheless, the sex was good and he gave me brilliant oral. With my legs spread wide, I looked down at him as his face was buried in my pussy and he looked up at me. He seemed to be having such a nice time down there and at one point I was edging towards possible climax, but then I lost it. Damn mental block. I just couldn’t relax and his eagerness to please me was adding pressure to come rather than making me feel at ease – bless him! He was such an unselfish lover.

Doggy was very sexy and he continually remarked how tight I was. He even gave me instructions not to tighten on him before he slipped inside me because otherwise he wouldn’t be able to get in. It was helpful to know. I got pretty wet though, which is a sign of a happy vagina for me. When she’s not happy, her juices do not flow. He said I was so wet that it didn’t feel like he was wearing a condom so when he came inside me, it actually felt like he was. Awesome! A was fastidious about safe sex too. That’s another reason my sexual appetite has lessened lately, I believe. I’ve become well and truly fed up of connecting with men who don’t care about it as much as me, despite how clear I make the importance of it to them prior to us meeting. It feels like a constant battle lately and takes all of the fun out of an encounter when you’re having to lecture people in the throws of passion. I feel like I’m becoming weaker and weaker and therefore doing stupid things. So to be with A where that wouldn’t be an issue was very comforting.

So, we were still having some lovely sex, making some videos and taking pictures – yes, I’ve become very much a fan of doing such things and I’m developing quite a collection :-)))) A isn’t a particularly quiet lover and he’s quite a talker during the act too, as a few of my lovers have been. I’m a talker too. We were in the moment and A was expressing, very loudly, “Mmmmmm your pussy feels so fucking good on my dick!” when I heard my guest come through the front door, which is about ten feet away from my bedroom. That silenced us both immediately. The walls in my flat aren’t particularly thick. When I was 17 and having sex with my boyfriend, my step-father walked in on us. Total mood killer. This was the same feeling. I think A even said something to that effect, however, it actually didn’t stop him, which I was very impressed with. If that had been my dick, there would have been no chance of a recovery. He was a bit concerned that there was no lock on my bedroom door and thought my guest might come bursting in to ask if I had any sugar, for example. Hahahaha! I assured him that wouldn’t happen.

We continued having sex, but all that was on my mind was “My guest is going to give me a bad review. How am I going to face him now? He must have heard. He must have.” A climaxed and it was a delight to witness, but I practically had to put my hand over his mouth to silence him, which is a shame really because it most certainly curtailed his appreciation of the moment. Still, he enjoyed it and that made me happy. I enjoyed it too and, frankly, it was all quite hilarious. My connection with A wasn’t ordinary and I’m glad the sex wasn’t either. We were like two naughty teenagers that day. It was a lot of fun.

I saw A out discreetly and approached my guest as if nothing had happened and that there had been nobody in the house except me and him. He didn’t say a word about anything and seemed to be his usual cheery self. The good part is, he’s rebooked to come back, so if he did hear us in the throws of passion, it certainly hasn’t put him off. Maybe that’s why he wants to come back, haha!

Since then, my mood has become ever more depressed. I’m just really tired at the moment and not my usual cheery self. Plus, men online have worn me down to the bone, so much so that I have now taken all dating apps offline or deactivated them. I’m sick of the continual sexual harassment directed at me and all of us girls. There’s only so much we can take, right? When are men going to realise that this kind of disgusting behaviour does not inspire women to have sex with them? They’re ruining things for everybody. I’m sure there are some women out there who are not treasures either, but still, the aggressive and gross behaviour is, for the most part, coming from the male side of the spectrum.

A has been extremely attentive to me since our time together, as he keeps checking up on me, even though he’s always so busy. I’m so grateful to him for that, amongst other things. I see him as a very dear friend. It’s comforting to know that there are men like him in existence, to counteract the knobheads. I realise his original opener to me might suggest otherwise, but that’s really not reflective of who he is. Nevertheless, my blog shouldn’t be misunderstood. It doesn’t mean I want to talk about sex every second of every day. I divulge what I want HERE. My sex life is not up for constant discussion, nor do I need any offers outside of the dating apps. I’m doing just fine making my own choices, thank you. Also, I do have a brain that thinks beyond this particular topic and people really have to connect with that before they’ve got any chance of being intimate with me.

Back to A, I’d like to stay in touch. As for anything else, the poor kissing and lack of attraction is unlikely to result in any further intimacy.

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