Date #57 ✅

X, 32, English

X and I matched on 21 July 2015. One of his profile pictures said “Match me for a free massage 🙂” and his bio went on to say that he was a health and massage therapist. After my experience with #46 I was rather excited. I liked him and we matched. He said hello and immediately I asked about the free massage offer.

— Hi X. Are you really giving out a free massage?

X: If people want one  🙂 You need one?

— Haha always. What kind of massage?

X: What one would you like?

— Which do you offer?

X: Full body 🙂 Deep tissue. Naked haha.

— Ummmm full body please!!! I had one recently. It was the best “massage” of my life. Can I safely assume, based on my other experience, that this will result in sex, or not?

X: I can do. Up to you 🙂

— You have to be naked for a full body, right?

X: I can be. Would you like me to be?

— Well I’m only going by my experience with the other guy. He was fully naked and hard throughout. Do you use your penis in the massage process because he did? It was the first one I’d ever had so his is all I know. Perhaps you can explain your technique.

X: Nice. I can too, plus give you a g-spot massage and make you squirt 🙂

— If you manage to accomplish that you’ll be a miracle worker.

X: I’ve had a lot of practice. Are you on WhatsApp?

— I bet haha! I am, but I warn you now, I’m not at all interested in sharing naked pictures or virtual sex. Got it?

X: Aww that’s cool. Let’s arrange to meet via WhatsApp.

I didn’t respond at that stage. The mere mention of WhatsApp is often a major turn off, plus this connection wasn’t going as smoothly as it did with #46. I felt like I was trying to extract information from him, whereas #46 had been quite clear. A couple of days later he was back in contact.

X: Heya

— Hi. I’m still hoping we can get together, but I still don’t feel like I know enough or what your expectations are. I’m very open minded and easy going, so don’t hold back. Then I can make an informed decision. I just need you to be clear about what you’re offering.

X: Ok that’s cool. I’m just looking for friends and some fun really 🙂

— So do you want a date or you just come round to give a massage, which leads to more, or I come to you? The other masseur approached me and it was all very straightforward. In fact, maybe you should read my blog. It’s all detailed on there.

X: I read it :)) Come to a gym in [place name]? When are you generally free?

— Haha good stuff. Hmmm I dunno. Evenings. We’re gonna have sex in a gym? What did you think of my description of the massage he gave me?

X: I liked it 🙂 Well my house is not that free.

— Mine is during the day. Ok perhaps we can speak on the phone when you’re free.

We then exchanged numbers. Over the next few weeks we chatted. We were both quite busy, so we didn’t meet until Saturday 20 August 2016. I much preferred the idea of him coming to my place rather than me trekking across London to a public venue, especially if this would result in a more intimate encounter. He seemed like such a sweetheart and I wasn’t wrong. I met him at Canary Wharf station and I was pretty hungry so we decided to go for something to eat and get to know each other a bit more. He had a permanent smile on his face – a very friendly and intelligent individual. We got along well and made our way back to mine. En route, he was busy groping my bottom. I was getting excited :-)))

He said he specialised in deep tissue massages, which certainly isn’t the type of massage I enjoy. Prior to #46 I’d only ever had one massage in my life and it was deep tissue. It hurt like hell and I didn’t feel like it helped me at all. I said I would prefer the more gentle kind of massage and he said he would accommodate me in that respect. He asked me to do him a favour, which was to allow him to film the massage (non-sexual) so that he could use it for his work. I was happy to oblige. He told me to put on a sexy thong, lay a towel out on the bed and get into position. I was a lot more relaxed with him than I had been with #46 because it hadn’t been so impromptu. He started massaging my legs, relatively deep tissue, but would release the pressure when it was evident it felt uncomfortable for me.

He made his way up my thighs to my bottom. His exploration of my bottom and vagina felt so good. He would part my cheeks for a few seconds, so I knew he was studying me. It was sexy and the heat was building up rapidly. As he used his fingers to explore me further, I wanted him more and more and more. The massage didn’t last very long at all really before he pulled my thong off, stripped off himself and it was time for him to slip that beautiful, big dick inside me, missionary style. He suited up and in he went as we kissed softly. Our naked bodies were now entwined. X just loves women and it is very apparent that his desire is to please first and foremost. It was such a turn on for me and him. He knows exactly what to do to pleasure a woman. He’s slept with around 200 women – that’s why. Practice makes perfect! My techniques have also improved as my sexual partners expanded. He was kissing me all over and was so loving. He slid in and out of me very slowly, which I absolutely love in that position. It’s very much a love-making experience and I was really in the mood for it. There’s been way too much doggy and cowgirl on the menu lately. I needed a change from the norm.

I’ve talked a lot about my lack of sex drive lately and that day was no exception, but he found my inner sexy and massaged it. I could not have asked for a better lover at that point – he was just what I needed. I could feel the ecstasy building within me as he penetrated me over and over again, slowly and deeply, while my body moved in rhythm with his and we worked up a comfortable sweat. I enjoyed every second of it until I reached those dizzy heights and groaned with absolute pleasure. X loved it, as he said the words “So beautiful” and showered me with kisses. He made me feel so special and loved me coming on his dick.

He then said he wanted to make me squirt. Given that I’d already come and have never managed to squirt pre-orgasm, I thought the chances were exceptionally slim, but I was happy for him to try. I’ve wanted to experience this for so many months now, just to know what it feels like. As I lay on my back, he slipped his fingers inside my now juicy pussy, which was still revelling in that beautiful sex, and started to massage my g-spot. I can always feel it when people do this, but I don’t think I have a particularly sensitive g-spot. I went with it, but nothing much was happening. I had released my bladder before the sex, which the online squirting guidance tells you to do. For those who don’t know, when the g-spot is stimulated, the body secretes liquid into the bladder and it is from there that a woman squirts, whereas we can ejaculate (discharge) from the vagina – different things.

X suggested I get on my knees instead, upright, while he worked his magic. I was starting to feel the urge to pee, as I had in the past, but I didn’t think anything else was going to happen, until X delighted me by telling me I was squirting. I could then hear the liquid squelching as his fingers continued to stroke and massage my g-spot. It was more of a dribble than a squirt, but it very much depends on how much liquid is in the bladder and how hard you push at the point of climax/squirting. I wasn’t pushing at all. I didn’t feel a great deal sensation wise, but I was so happy it was actually possible. Now I knew what it was like, I was a lot more relaxed about it. Plus, I’d already climaxed, so I was not feeling particularly in the mood, especially without a break. My clit was still a little sensitive.

X told me to lie on my back and he would try again in that position. It was so sexy to watch him concentrating down there as he worked his magic and this time he filmed it for me. An impressive multitasker! I squirted for a second time and this time I felt a warm rush all over my body – tingles. It was very different from a clitoris orgasm and certainly far less intense, but from what I’ve heard the combination of a clit orgasm and squirting at the same time is even more intense. I was over the moon about the whole experience, thanks to X. We finished the sexual encounter with X coming on my breasts. I prefer a man to come inside me (in a condom with casual people obviously), to feel him throbbing, but by this point I wanted X to do whatever pleased him. My only desire was to make sure he was pleasured, and seemingly he was.

After having a break, we did the filming he wanted for his massage work. I was being well and truly pampered. X complained about a sore back, as he was having to lean over me while I lay on the bed, so once we were finished I offered to return the massage favour and he accepted. He really enjoyed it, as he said I have a lot of power in my hands and fingers, which is good to know. I’ve always been a bit concerned about giving people massages, being untrained, because I don’t want to make things potentially worse or cause the other person any damage. He gave me a couple of instructions, which was helpful. I’d certainly like to take a course on it in the future.

This is the last date I have had and I’m now taking a well-deserved break from meeting anyone new. X gave me another BEST experience and I’m thrilled that, for the time being at least, I’m going out on a massive high.

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