When I first downloaded a dating app (30 October 2015), there was one overwhelming desire on my mind at the time… SEX!

I’m pleased and surprised to say that my dating experience has been the most enlightening, exciting and sexually satisfying/liberating period of my life. I’ve met some wonderful people and had a lot of fun. I’ve also had a few unpleasant, embarrassing and awkward moments too. I’ll tell you all about it. You might find it entertaining at the very least.

I’ll also explore some other issues, such as the glaring inequality that remains in society when it comes to women and sex. I embrace feminism and reject social conditioning.

There is much to say and the post Why Am I Doing This? (located between dates 14 and 15) will most likely answer some of your frequently asked questions.

Whatever journey you’re on, hope you have lots of fun.



By the way…

✅ means sex

❌ means no sex

…which I have included at the request of a MAN 😄

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